Why work with Lobby Registry?

Lobbying is a key cog in the Canadian democratic process, and it occurs at all levels of government. A lobby registry allows municipalities to demonstrate transparency to their constituents.

Canada’s Only Municipally Focused Lobby Registry

We designed Lobby Registry to meet the specific needs of municipalities of all sizes.

No-Hidden Costs or Time Consuming Start-Up

With a flat annual fee and turn-key implementation, transparency is at your fingertips.

Canadian Made

Lobby Registry was made in Canada. All data is stored in a secure cloud environment located in Canada.

White Label Enabled & Customizable

Make it your own by adding your municipal logo, departments and public office holders.

Demonstrate Transparency to Constituents

Your constituents want to know how decisions are made in government.

Informed Decision Making Through Powerful Analytics

Search and reporting dashboards help identify the key issues constituents care about.

Our Story

Our story is straightforward…

Every municipality in Canada is lobbied, and constituents from coast-to-coast-to-coast want to know how decisions are made. After reading countless municipal staff reports about how cost prohibitive creating their own lobbying registry would be, we knew there was a better way.

We created the Lobby Registry for every Municipality in Canada, specifically making it cost effective and nearly effortless for you to demonstrate transparency.

No unnecessary bells or whistles

No hidden fees, onboarding costs, or long-term contracts

Just practical and intuitive functionality for Municipalities, regardless of your size or budget.

Transparency for a Flat Annual Fee

We designed the Lobby Registry to be affordable for municipalities of all sizes. Tiered pricing is available to reflect the size of your municipality and budget. No hidden extras or surcharges.

$7,500/year for municipalities with population sizes of 100,001-500,000

$9,250/year for municipalities with population sizes of 500,000+

Starting at $3000/year
population: <50,000

  • Unlimited Users
  • White Label Enabled
  • Turn-key Ready
  • Extensive Reporting
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population: 50,000-100,000

  • Unlimited Users
  • White Label Enabled
  • Turn-key Ready
  • Extensive Reporting
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The ROI of a Lobbyist Registry

There are tangible benefits outweighing the cost of a product like Lobby Registry. Regardless of how much or little value a municipality applies to the benefits listed, a low-cost, tech savvy, streamlined system like Lobby Registry will result in a return on your investment.

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